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Scholars who have joined us

We have had many Muslim Scholars join our tours, here is what they had to say about their experience

Upon joining this Andalucian Tour, it has been one of the most fascinating and insightful journeys, really of my life, I have of course read a lot and even written a lot about the Muslims in Al-Andlaus, but coming here and seeing the transitioning, seeing the great sites, the remains of what was left behind by the Muslims and their genius as well as artistry, their attachments to science and the knowledge of the different disciplines of philosophy, ethics, medicine, physics and so many things. Seeing this, in Seville, Cordoba , Granada and of course the Al-Pujarra Mountains. I want to thank my brother Tariq Mahmood, his organisation provides Muslims an amazing insight into a forgotten history for us, the great history of the Muslims in Al-Andalus. It has been thoroughly enjoyable, I have a learnt a lot and have a lot to take back with me.

Dr Uthman Lateef

I have actually, Alhamdulilah, been on so many journeys and tours, but honestly I say this with all sincerity, this really has been the best journey of mine. No doubt Makkah and Medinah has its own status, no one can really compete with that in terms of pure spirituality, but in terms of morals, in terms of lessons from history and the ups and downs, this one week, has been mind blowing for me!

Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi

I recommend everybody Insha’Allah takes this tour, we have learnt so much about how the Muslim community came up, what it has achieved, and unfortunately how it suffered its downfall as well as what lessons we can take and learn from it, to really develop a sense of pride and history as Muslims Insha’Allah.

Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda

We are proud to have worked with many people of knowledge from around the world

It is an absoloute essential for every Muslim to visit and travel through Spain in order to discover the endless bounties of knowledge that you can gain as well as treasures of Muslim history that lay here in Al-Andalus.

Maulana Mizan-Ul-Haqq
Islam Channel

The journey of Al-Andalus, is a greatly memorable one. We cannot compare anything to The 3 auspicious Mosques, however I have travelled many places but I must say this is one of the best tours I have been fortunate to be a part of.

Mufti Abdul Wahab
Islam Channel

Life Changing Experiences

  • I was a bit hesitant to book this tour at first but I am so glad I did. I had the pleasure of being part of
    Tariq Mahmood’s tour group and had one of the most amazing experiences. Along with the usual,
    extremely beautiful tourist hunts, we also got to experience the local Muslim culture and had the
    opportunity to dine with a local Muslim family. Everyone we met that was associated with this company
    was extremely kind and open. This was definitely an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend
    booking a tour through Halal Getaway’s, you definitely won’t regret it!

    Usman Farooq
  • Probably one of the best ways to explore Andalucia, san a private tour! Qaaym was attentive while booking the tour; he was a great help with prompt suggestions and kind feedback. Our guide Mohammad Abdullah was incredible. He was friendly, helpful, kind, and very lovely. My mother and I joined the trip, and at one point we faced some health issues. Abdullah was very helpful; he helped us explore our options, and spoke on the phone in Spanish whenever we couldn’t find someone who spoke English. He made sure to check up on us and see that everything is settled. The driver was competent and lovely himself. The tour itself was well-organized, informative and entertaining. Hotels and transportation were excellent. Overall, great value for the trip and I have already recommended Andalucian Routes to family and friends.

    Shebaaz Iqbal
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