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Maristan Retreats (Our Wellness Partner)

Halal Getaways otherwise known as Andalucian Routes, is a proud partner of “Maristan Retreats“. 
Maristan Retreats is our wellness partner on the ground in Spain! The Maristan Retreat Centre is located in the old Moorish district of Granada, the Albaicin. It’s a peaceful, home-like space for you to retreat and features scenic views and trekking nearby. 
Maristan Retreats offers group retreats and individual services. See below for information on the retreats and other information. 
All group retreats are holistic, transformative 7 day retreats that focus intensely on one topic and take you through a journey of self-exploration and personal change. All retreats are designed and run by a Registered Psychotherapist, Asma Ali. She employs contemporary therapeutic modalities to guide you through your process of change. At the retreat, you work through a series of discussions and exercises in the group and individually to assist you with your personal struggles.

The exercises are facilitated with a workbook on the retreat topic as well as Asma’s expertise. In addition, you receive 1-2 books by  leading experts on your retreat topic which are referred to throughout.

Topics for Maristan group retreats include:

  • Self-Love                                       
  • Anxiety & Burn-out
  • Grief & Loss                                   
  • Living Single
  • Resilience                                      
  • Journey Within

What’s included at retreats:

  • Accommodations
    at Maristan (1 person/room)
  • Healthy Breakfast and Lunch each full retreat day
  • Group work on the Retreat Topic, Workbook & hard copies of expert texts
  • Individual Psychotherapy or Coaching
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga & Trekking
  • Art Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Fun in Granada!!!
  • Airport Transfers


EARLY BIRD : $1599 CAD/939 GBP Regular: $1699 CAD/999  GBP

Payment in instalments is available! Pay in 2-4 segments.


In addition to the retreat, you can take a 2-day tour of Cordoba and Granada  just after the retreat with Halal Getaways! They have a 17-year history running tours in Spain.


I have never been on a “retreat” thus I did not know what to expect. I must say it is one of the best things I have done…The expertise of Asma combined with her understanding of the human condition and her loving presence allowed one to delve into oneself in a very safe space.

– M.M.

Granada, Spain

The retreat is truly holistic and can be an introduction to those who are unfamiliar with certain practices such as yoga. Additionally, healthy eating, physical activity, mandated self time/down time as well as tourism, (and retail therapy!) address all your needs and the small group setting and workbooks with which Asma guides so artfully and gently and respectfully are pure genius.


Texas, United States

Asma Ali is an incredible individual who facilitated a tranquil and restful environment that allows for a special transformation from within.


London, Canada

My retreat at Maristan was amazing. I have been searching for several months, trying to find a space where I could get away from life’s stresses, a place where I could find peace in a new and exciting environment. Maristan provided that for me, and a whole lot more. The home at Maristan has an openness and purity that just feels good. The energy in the house is very welcoming…My heart is delighted and soul satisfied from this journey.

-D. S.

Georgia, United States

Very well-organized with structured time for inner work, physical activity and touring the city. All scheduled and perfectly balancing each other.


London, United Kingdom

The Maristan Retreat was exactly what my soul needed. I’ve been on quite a few group tours and Islamic retreats lately but there is nothing like this! It’s the retreat you don’t realize your soul craves …and needs an opportunity to turn inwards , reflect and learn in the sun-soaked beauty of Granada while being pampered and nourished.


Mississauga, Canada



Are the retreats for women and men?

Currently, the retreats are for women and all of our staff are female to create a safe space for women where they can remove hijab (Islamic covering) if they want to. When we open retreats up to men, we will post them on social media. Stay tuned!

Are children welcome on retreats?

Most retreats do not include children as this allows for greater focus on inner work. Some participants are retreating from day-to-day responsibilities like child-rearing and it helps them to be in an adult-only zone. Some retreats are open to children and we announce those on social media.

What’s the layout of Maristan like?

Maristan is a large casa with 4 floors, including a loft bedroom with a long terrace, 4 additional bedrooms, yoga and workout space and outside apartment with a bedroom and bathroom. Some of the bedrooms are right next to one another and some are set off. Outside, there’s a private garden and driveway.

What are bathrooms like at Maristan?

There are 4 full bathrooms at Maristan and one 1/2 bathroom. They’re shared at group retreats.We uphold rules for each bathroom that entail reasonable shower times and tidying up after each use. Bathrooms are cleaned regularly throughout the retreats. They’re stocked with soap, shampoo and lotion for guests.

Are the retreats Islamic? Can people of other faiths come?

The retreats are open to women of all faiths and backgrounds. The retreat content will include some Islamic precepts if all the participants are Muslim. Otherwise, we check with participants before introducing religious content. The Maristan space is subtly infused with Islamic values and caters to Islamic needs and practices (e.g. prayer, halal food), however Islam is not preached or forced at Maristan; we believe that religion is a personal choice.

Are flights included? How do I get to you from the airport?

Flights aren’t included. You’ll need to book your own flights into Granada Airport (GRX) or Malaga Airport (AGP). We send you the schedule upon registration.

Can I book a group retreat for my own group?

Certainly! Email us at info@concentriccare.com with your request.



Maristan also offers specialist services for individuals, families and groups including psychotherapy, yoga, naturopathy and massage therapy. Please see our sheet here for more information.

Poet, Writer & Speaker Amal Ahmed Albaz speaks about her experience at Journey Within alongside Andalucian Routes now also known as Halal Getaways. She talks about the issues faced by Muslims in today’s modern world  society and why more people have a responsibility to know about this rich history and invaluable heritage. 

A very emotional insight from sister Banan who was part of the concentric care program which was also led by Andalucian Routes now also known as Halal Getaways speaking of the impact the experience has had on her life and in reference to the amount of history and knowledge which was delved into as well as what she has taken from this.   

Take a look at a previous trailer for the Journey Within back in 2017 tour led by Tariq Mahmood, founder & CEO of Andalucian Routes (established 2001) now also known as Halal Getaways, it was also led by renowned Scholar Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick and Asma Ali (Founder of Maristan Retreats). 

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