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We have been providing life changing experiences for over 18 years

Halal Getaways otherwise known as Andalucian Routes is an established company and one of the first tour operators in the Halal tourism market offering Muslim friendly, historical and educational tours. With over 18 years of experience we are proud of our renowned reputation as a trusted and reliable family run business. 

When we first started the company our desire was to educate the Muslim community around the world on the forgotten Islamic Heritage that exists in Spain. With this in mind we aim to revive the forgotten tradition of travelling for the sake of knowledge. Over recent years we have received a huge demand from our clients to start offering other destinations which is where the idea for Halal Getaways was born. We are pleased to see the demand growing from Muslim Travellers to visit new destinations and learn about the spread of Islam around the world. We aim to meet this demand from travellers by making sure that when you travel on one of our tours we don’t want you to just visit sites and monuments and tick them off a bucket list we want you to:

• Be inspired by what Muslims of the past achieved
• Learn history in a way that is relevant to the lives you live today
• Understand what were the key successes of nations gone by
• What were the reasons for their down fall
• Go on a journey of self- discovery
• Meet new people and learn from other communities and other peoples experience

We pride ourselves on innovation

We are different from the rest. Due to the volume of travellers we work with on an annual basis we are able to design our tours based with first hand knowledge of what Muslim travellers want. All of our tours are unique with experiences that will take you completely off the beaten track.

Leaders of experiences

We are one of the first Muslim Tour Operators in this market and pride ourselves on the positive feedback we get from every tour. Running for over 17 years our experience in this sector is second to none.

We are a team of history experts.

Our team of expert historians which includes scholars and guides will ensure that on our tours you will learn history in a way that instils pride in you about your Islamic history and that you connect with the sites and monuments you visit in a way that is relevant and inspirational.

Leaders in the travel industry

Our experience, knowledge and well established close personal contacts in this region, make us one of the most trusted tour operators to this region. The founders of Andalucian Routes visited Spain over 30 years ago and has been captivated by its beauty and rich Islamic heritage ever since.

Prior to setting up the company many years were spent traveling to Andalucia and making local contacts, investigating, researching it’s history and discovering locations off the beaten track. We enjoy providing others the chance to experience the unique opportunities and lessons this lost world has to offer and discover many amazing places you wouldn’t normally find in tourist guides.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing tailored, educational and group tours to Andalucia (Islamic Spain). Our Historical Tours will give you a substantial insight into how a period in our collective history, which has mostly been ignored, developed into one of the greatest civilisation the world has known. It eventually gave birth to the renaissance and hugely contributed to what we now know as Western civilisation.

Being a family run business we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for you without compromise. We aim to use the historical experience of contacts in Spain as a linkage to making your journey as knowledgeable and fulfilling as possible. With guides fluent in a number of languages including English, Arabic, French, Urdu and German. From start to finish your comfort and enjoyment are foremost in our mind when we devise these tours.

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